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Majestic establishes direct connections between your business and banks, EMIs, and payment service providers worldwide.As a "Technical Service Provider" (TSP), we enhance user experience and assist your payment services.Our mission at founding was to provide top-notch solutions to foreign merchants in order to address their issues related to merchant payments. Because of our knowledge, we can better understand your company's needs and offer the right tools to streamline daily operations, increase cash flow, and boost profitability. Providing outstanding customer service to ensure the pleasure of all of our valued clients is at the core of what we have to offer. Our Account Managers are committed to serving as your primary contact in the event that you have any questions.

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To operate properly, the majority of websites need to gather some basic user information. Websites rely on cookies to do this; cookies are little text files that internet browsers save on users' computers. Cookies only include the barest information about your online activities. Your browser sends these cookies back each time you visit our website so it can identify your computer or mobile device.

Cookies are useful for many things and generally make using the internet easier and more engaging for users. Cookies are used, for example, to remember user IDs, save user preferences on well-known websites, and speed up page switching.

Cookies are little text files that websites can use to enhance user experience. We may store cookies on your device if required by law and strictly necessary for our site to function. However, consent is required for all other types of cookies.

This website uses a variety of cookie types. Certain cookies are placed by third-party services that are accessible through our pages. You have the right to modify or withdraw your consent to the Cookie Declaration at any time by visiting our website.


Additionally, in order to uphold industry standards and ensure security, we employ anonymous Incapsula (third-party) cookies on our payment sites.


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