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Virtual B2B or C2B IBAN issuing in your company's name in several currencies. Support for both SEPA and SWIFT transactions allows for international trade, effective currency conversion, and streamlined company payments.

About Majestic Investments Ltd

You will only ever require our services as a CRM supplier!

Majestic Investments Ltd establishes a direct connection between your business and banks, EMIs, and payment service providers worldwide.

As a "Technical Service Provider" (TSP), we enhance user experience and assist your payment services.

Our mission at founding was to provide top-notch solutions to foreign merchants in order to address their issues related to merchant payments. Because of our knowledge, we can better understand your company's needs and offer the right tools to streamline daily operations, increase cash flow, and boost profitability.

Providing outstanding customer service to ensure the pleasure of all of our valued clients is at the core of what we have to offer.

Our Account Managers are committed to serving as your primary contact in the event that you have any questions.

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For retailers and PSPs

a checkout system that is connected into an online storefront to take credit card payments from customers buying goods or services.

For Fintech

a white-label payment gateway that lets you accept payments under your official brand name anywhere in the globe.

For holders of Visa and MasterCard

Technical processing enables banks and other financial institutions to provide other businesses card issuing and processing services.

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Payment by invoice or link

customized emails or SMS to accept payments using the "Pay Now" button from clients located abroad.

Single-click invoicing

A quick method to finish payment with just one click following the initial successful transaction.

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Perfect for firms that take payments from overseas clients and are engaged in trading, foreign exchange, licensed gaming, and other international enterprises.

Once the user enters her unique PIN at checkout, cross-border payments are collected via a prepaid electronic card in the website's payment system.

Acceptable for withdrawals and payments of any size.

Digital Issue of IBAN

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) reference that a bank issues is known as a virtual IBAN. It enables incoming payments to be redirected to the actual bank account by E-money and Payment Institutions. International payments can be made and received using virtual IBAN accounts.

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  • B2B or C2B IBAN
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